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Translation: is one of the core services offered by TransJas. We are able to translate all types of documents, including but not limited to: legal contracts, correspondences, medical records, marketing brochures, government documents, technical manuals,…

Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation: TransJas has high technical equipments that are necessary to provide a professional onsite interpretation in almost any field, from large meetings halls to small meeting rooms. Our interpreters are professional linguists who…


Proofreading: TransJas provides high-quality language proofreading and editing Services for all types of documents. TransJas’s proofreaders provide comprehensive proofreading services that cover all aspects of grammar and readability of the text.


Copywriting: TransJas copywriting services create content for your documents that will capture readers’ attention. Our copywriters transform your documents into clear, concise, well-organized content that increases your business credibility.

Linguistic Consultations

Linguistic Consultations: TransJas provides Linguistic Consultations in terms of providing Language competency exams, in both Arabic and English proficiency tests, as English language is critical for successful career development, such exams are useful…

CV Writing

CV Writing: TransJas knows exactly what to put in your CV in professional way, so employer can read it quickly and clearly, in way enables him to concentrate on his points of interest. Also, to ensure that you are in the competition and to guarantee…
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